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A Technical and Economic evaluation of Grid Connection in Burundi has been performed as a Master Thesis at Chalmers University for Swede Energy / African Power & Water AB.

This study is done as a Master of Science thesis at Chalmers University of Technology together with African Power and Water (APW) owned by Swede Energy, Sweden. APW is a Swedish company located in Huskvarna, working in the energy and water industry, specializing in Africa. They are currently planning the construction of a hydropower plant (HPP) in the Kaganuzi valley in Burundi. Burundi is a small landlocked country in eastern Africa and lies between Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Tanzania. As its neighbor Rwanda, Burundi suffered from ethnical conflicts during the 1990s and 2000s but have seen an increase in security during the last years. The power plant to be constructed, KAGU006, will increase the maximum capacity of the electrical power system with 8.7MW to roughly 59 MW.

This thesis aim is to analyze the current electrical grid and identify possible connection cases for the hydropower plant to the grid. The connections cases will then be analyzed from a technological and economical perspective in order to find the case that best suits the project. Two other hydropower plants that are planned to be taken online at the same time as KAGU006 and in the vicinity of the site, are also taken into account. Many more plans for new power plants exist, but they are not taken into account since they are planned further into the future and/or are located far away from the site of KAGU006.

The technical analysis is done by creating a model of Burundi’s transmission grid together with calculations of losses, to evaluate the capacity of the grid for each connection case and development scenario. The model is developed in Power World Simulator (PWS) and based on data supplied by REGIDESO. Economical estimations are done of investment costs (taken from EBRs catalogue) in each case and are connected to the results from the simulations and calculations of losses. Because of the measures taken by the Burundian government against deforestation and by the environmental impact of the power lines, each case is also evaluated from an environmental perspective before the final recommendation of a connection point.

The Master Thesis can be downloaded here: