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A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in August 2008. The Vision defined in the MoU is as follows: “A sustainable society with the presuppositions to create a good life for each person in Burundi”.

The overall goal is to increase the generation and distribution of Electricity and clean water. Increased capacity should primarily come from domestic energy sources and not dependent on imported fuel.

Swede Energy commits to support Burundi by develop strategies and tools to reach the vision, implement strategies by building and operating new power plants and equip people in strategic and operational energy and water skills.

The short term goal of the MoU is to develop a first IPP 5MW Hydro Power Plant in Burundi.

The MoU was signed August 26, 2008 in Burundi by the Minister of Water, Energy and Mines, Managing Director of Regideso, Managing Director of Swede Energy, Chairman of Eubizz Water and Chairman of ICCC / IGTC.