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Kaganuzi Hydro

Power Project

Powering the Future of Burundi

KAGU006 Project background

The KAGU006 project consists of the development of a 7.8 MW hydro power plant on the Kagunuzi River in Burundi. It is envisioned that the KAGU006 project shall be expanded to also include a 4 MW Solar Power PV component. Structured as a Private Public Partnership (PPP), the Project Company has signed a Concession Agreement with the Government of Burundi for financing, designing, constructing, installing, operating and maintaining the power plant on a Build-Own-Operate-Transfer basis for 25 years.

20% by 2020

Located south of the Province of Cibitoke, 5 km east of the Town of Ndava, the KAGU006 project aims to harness the power from the water flows off the Kagunuzi River 6 km upstream of the Rusizi confluenc, thereby increasing the supply of clean and cost effective hydro power electricity to Burundi’s national grid. This is in line with the Government of Burundis’s strategy to increase the electricity access for the population with 20% by 2020.

Strategic Project Ownership

The promoter for the KAGU006 project is Swede Energy Power Solutions AB, a Swedish corporation founded in 1988. Swede Energy own the SPV, Kagunuzi Hydro AB, that will carry out the project. A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was signed in 2015 between REGIDESO and Kagunuzi Hydro AB for the purchase of electricity generated by the KAGU006 power plant on a take or pay contract.


About the Project Owner – Swede Energy

Swede Energy is an entrepreneurial challenger in the energy industry. We are developing innovative offerings by combining technology and commercial creativity, always in line with our efforts to influence the Global Balance Sheet in a positive way.

Like many other Swedish companies in the energy industry, Swede Energy originates from ABB where our founder Pär-Eric Lantz was the turbine island project manager on ABB’s last generation of boiling water reactors, ie, the design that was used for Swedish Forsmark 3 and Oskarshamn 3 Nuclear Plant in the ’70s and ’80s.

Pär-Eric’s plant design philosophy in terms of cascading of demands from plant level down to component level are still the basis of our DNA as we develop and improve our customers’ power plants. Since 1988, we have improved maintenance systems and systems in nuclear power plants, performed energy improvement project on buildings and different co-generation plants, designed Burundi’s first privately-owned hydro plants, and in recent years also developed wind farms with secured operation and maintenance strategies.

Swede Energy's founder Pär-Erik Lanz together with Minister of Energy and Mines, Honorable Kome Manirakiza at the KAGU006 Project Kick-off on April 30, 2015.

Swede Energy’s founder Pär-Eric Lantz together with Minister of Energy and Mines, Honorable Come Manirakiza at the KAGU006 Project Kick-off on April 30, 2015.

Our commitment to Africa

Swede Energy was once founded with the mission to fight poverty and lead the world into a sustainable future. Making a difference has always been central to Swede Energy and we have therefore committed ourselves to helping some of Africa’s poorest countries out of poverty by helping to develop their energy sector.

The main reason for poverty in Africa is the lack of energy, according to the World Bank. Swede Energy has therefore adopted the world’s energy challenges and served some of Africa’s poorest countries in the development of their energy sectors.

In our project “Master Plan for Burundi Energy Sector in 2025″ Swede Energy applies the same methodology as Pär-Eric Lantz, the company’s founder, applied when designing the Swedish nuclear power plants. Our assignment for Burundi is to develop a national master plan for the country to achieve its growth targets for the energy sector, where the KAGU006 project is an important piece of the energy mix.

We are committed in assisting Burundi and the World Bank (IFC) by implementing a new statutory framework and regulations to allow private investment in the power sector and thus help the country’s growth out of poverty.

Get involved

Building a power plant requires great team work. As part of the development process, we are looking for both investors and local suppliers to partake in this very interesting project.

Please contact us by sending an email to kagu006@swedeenergy.se and describe how you would like to get involved in the KAGU006 project.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Project news and updates

KAGU006 Project Company and Shareholding

KAGU006 project rights are held by a SPV company named Kagunuzi Hydro AB. The company was previously known as African Power & Water AB but the name was changed in 2015 to clearly express that this company is a pure project company to hold the assets of KAGU006....

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KAGU006 Power Purchase Agreement

A Power Purchase Agreement was negotiated and signed between the parties Kagunuzi Hydro AB and Regideso on July 14, 2015. The PPA was approved by the Minister of Energy and the Minister of Finance. Item Detail PPA Holder: Kagunuzi Hydro AB (formerly known as African...

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KAGU006 Project Kick-Off

The official KAGU006 Project Kick-off was held on April 30, 2015 in Cibitoke in the project area. The celebrations were led by Honorable Minister Come Manirakiza, Minister of Energy & Mines together with representatives from Swede Energy, the local governor and...

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KAGU006 Feasibility Study completed

Sher has delivered their feasibilty study. The major conclusions are that Swede Energy's feasibility study has been confirmed correct and that the site selected for the project is suitable for the KAGU006 project. A legal due dilligence was performed and highlighted a...

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Burundi Minister of Energy and Mines visiting Sweden

For the first time in the city of Jönköping's history, a Burundi Minister is visiting Sweden. We are honored to welcome Honorable Come Manikariza, the Burundi Minister of Energy and Mines. The visit has been planned for strengthening the relationship between Sweden...

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KAGU006 Consession Agreement

The KAGU006 Concession Agreement was signed December 9, 2011 by Kagunuzi Hydro AB (previously known as African Power & Water AB), the minister of energy and mines and the minister of finance. The Concession was adopted by the Council of Ministers of May 11, 2011....

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KAGU006 Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in August 2008. The Vision defined in the MoU is as follows: “A sustainable society with the presuppositions to create a good life for each person in Burundi”. The overall goal is to increase the generation and distribution of...

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